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Liv's Road

Kolka - Roja

Tourist attractions

  • Kolka - Kolka was the only Livonian fishing village where after the establishment of Soviet border regime, intensive economic development (including fish processing) activities was maintained.
  • Cape Kolka - This is the most distinct cape in Latvia, with the waves of the Baltic Sea and the Bay of Rīga coming together.  During storms, the waves can be as much as 7 metres high.
  • Baking carrot buns, "Usi" - The owner of the farm demonstrates the way in which the traditional Northern Kurzeme dessert that is a carrot bun and is known as a "sklandrausis" is prepared.
  • The Liv Centre (Kuolka) - The Kolka group of the Liv Association (est. 1989) established the Liv Centre in 1993, and it features a collection of Liv ethnographic objects.  The centre hosts exhibitions and various thematic events. 
  • Melnsils - Two locations of cultural and historical importance in Melnsils are the ancient cult location that is the Baķi castle hill, and the castle hill of a sea pirate Trommel.
  • Gipka - Gipka is a village that once was the site of the first maritime school in Kurzeme.
  • A banquet on the farm, the “Roja” hotel - Guests will ride out into the sea in fishing boats and then dine together with the fishermen (fish soup cooked on a campfire, rye bread, butter, smoked fish, beer or kvass, and pastries).
  • The Roja Fishing Museum - This is one of the most important destinations in Northern Kurzeme, offering a wealth of information about the history of the region and the shoreline, its cultural and historical values, the building of sailing ships, fishing traditions, local residents and their work and achievements.
  • The Dieninas fisherman’s farm - Tour groups can take part in active leisure related to cultural aspects of smoking tasty fish (tossing a boot into the sea, stories from fishermen’s wives, a theatrical performance, and the smoking and tasting of fish).
Accommodations Taverns
Distance driving 80 km

Register in advance for a session of baking carrot buns at Ūši. The process will take at least an hour or hour-and-a-half. The same is true when it comes to the meal in the fisherman’s homestead and Dieniņas, so choose no more than two of the destinations.