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Liv's Road

Ovisi - Mazirbe - Vaide

Tourist attractions

  • Ovisi - Oviši (Patikmō in Livonian) is an ancient Livonian fishing village, but the population of the village shrank by nearly 10 times during the 20th century.
  • Luzna - The name of Lūžņa was erased from Latvian maps during the latter half of the 20th century, because local residents were evicted by the Soviet army.  
  • Mikeltornis - Another ancient Livonian village, the name of which is supposedly based on the name of the man who built the lighthouse which is the highest one in the Baltic States (around 65 m).
  • Sikrags - Sikrags is one of the oldest coastal Liv villages which as a Liv settlement was first mentioned in writings in 1387. During the 17th century Sikrags was one of the most important small ports in North Courland which was equipped with warehouses.
  • Mazirbe - During the first independent Latvian state Mazirbe was the second largest Centre at Dundaga district. 
  • Kosrags - Košrags is one of the most unusual Liv fishing villages in Latvia.
  • Pitrags - Pitrags settlement is mentioned in the documents in 1582.
  • Smoking fish with Andris at Pitrags -  Visitors can help to smoke fish, including plaice, bream and garfish, taste the resulting food and listen to stories about seashore fishing traditions.
  • Saunags - Saunags was first mentioned in historical sources in 1310.
  • Vaide - An ancient Livonian fishing village, first mentioned in the historical sources in the middle of the eighties of 16th century.
Accommodations Taverns
Distance driving 80 km

You must contact Andris Pitrags in advance, and the tour will take at least an hour or hour-and-a-half. You must choose how many villages you will visit and how much time you will spend in each one.