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Liv's Road

Ragaciems - Saulkrasti

Tourist attractions

  • The Ragaciems fishing area with net huts - This is a very interesting monument to the history of fishing in the region.  These areas had docks and areas where fishermen built huts to store their nets and other inventory. 
  • The Daugava Museum -  The museum is in the mansion of the Dole Estate, which was built in 1898 for the Loeuwis von Menar dynasty.
  • SIA Krupis, Carnikava lampreys - This venue informs visitors about the fishing and cooking of lampreys. Products can be tasted and purchased.
  • The White Dune in Saulkrasti - The dune offers a splendid view of the sea, the mouth of the Inčupe River and the vast beach.
Accommodations Taverns
Distance driving 100 km

You must register in advance to take a tour of the Carnikava lamprey operation and to taste its products.