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Jacob's Road

Cena - Jelgava

Tourist attractions

  • The "Caunites" farmstead - „Caunītes” farmstead carries on Latvian traditions. This place invites people willing to enjoy Latvian style atmosphere and company.
  • Jelgava - Nearly all the town's historic buildings and art treasures perished in the summer of 1944. After the World War II, Jelgava was rebuilt.
  • The Jelgava Castle - The Baroque castle was designed by the well known Italian architect Francesco Bartolomeo. The socle story of the south-eastern wing has the graves of rulers from the Duchy of Courland – members of the Kettler and Byron dynasties, which ruled from 1569 to 1791. There are 18 restored sarcophagi here.
  • The Jelgava Church of the Holy Trinity - It now has an outstanding interactive museum that is particularly interesting for children, along with a glassed viewing platform.
  • Academia Petrina and the Gederts Eliass Jelgava Museum of History and Art -  The first university in Latvia, Academia Petrina was established here in 1775 and named after Duke Peter.
Accommodations Taverns
Distance driving 15 km

Register in advance for a tour of Caunītes, which will take at least an hour or hour-and-a-half.