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Nature attractions

What's special about the nature in Latvia? 

Of the three Baltic countries, Latvia has the most scenic and impressive river valley - the Gauja ancient river valley, the longest sandy ebach stretching, with fiew interruptions, along almost the whole sea border of the country, the largest tracts of forest, the most diverse sandstone outcrops, one of the widest waterfalls in Europe, the wealth of springs and great trees. To conserve these values, the state has created the network of the protected nature areas, taking more than 10% of the country's area.

You can plan your trip, choosing the nature sites in Latvia you would like to see, or you can pick from our tour itineraries leading through beautiful protected nature areas. 

To fully enjoy and discover the nature sites we recommend to contact the local specialised nature guides. 
Act responsibly - follow the Green advice!

Animal/bird/plant watching site nature sites with bird and animal watching facilities and/or services
Arboretum plantations of trees and shrubs
Biotope nature sites presenting high biological diversity and protecting specific biotopes
Dunes dunes in protected nature sites
Forests forests with high biological diversity and rare tree species
Islands islands in rivers and lakes that are accessible for visitors
Lakes protected and especially scenic lakes
Meadows floodlands by rivers and lakes
Other objects
Outcrops sandstone and limestone outcrops on riverbanks
Plant collections botanical gardens and other plant collections
Relief hills and elevations
Rivers river valleys and other attractive sites by the rivers
Seashore scenic seashore stretches
Sinkhole karst sinkholes of various type and size
Springs sulphuric springs
Stones stones, boulders
Swamps swamps of different type with walking trails
Protected nature sites nature reserves, national parks, etc.
Trails nature educational trails
Trees outstanding secular trees, attractive trees, alleys, etc.
Viewing sites scenic road stretches, views from hilltops, hillforts, riverbanks and seashore
Viewing towers landscape and bird watching towers, lighthouse, church and castle towers open for visitors
Waterfalls river waterfalls

Detailed information about cultural and historical objects in our tour guides and maps.
For individual or group tour packages please contact the office of "Lauku ceļotājs".