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Mara’s Road

Rezekne - Ludza

Apskates objekti

  • Mara of Latgale  - Located in the centre of Atbrīvošanas Alley, this statue is a monument to the liberation of Latgale and the unity of Latvia. 
  • The Latgale Museum of Culture and History  - The current exhibition is in a building that used to house the Latgale Central Museum, and it speaks to the 700 years of the history of Rēzekne.
  • The Untumi horse farm - You can learn to ride a horse in the company of an instructor and in a limited area.
  • Leather products and horse tackle at Apkalnmajas  - Here you will find everything needed for horseback riding, including reins, belts, leather sacks, etc.
  • The potter Juris Krompans - The workshop offers ceramics products. You can watch the potter at work and try your own hand at the craft.
  • The Sarkani Catholic Church - The church is famous for a painting of the Virgin Mary which is said to be miraculous. 
  • Ludza - Tourists can look at typical closed yards, verandas, wooden elements and decorations.  
  • The Ludza Regional Research Museum  - On the banks of Little Lake Ludza is a farm with a house, windmill, threshing barn and the workshop of the Lettigalian ceramicist Polikarps Vilcāns.
  • The Ludza Crafts Centre - Here you can examine and purchase crafts by more than 40 Lettigalian craftspeople.
  • The Ludza Catholic Church - A new wooden Baroque church was built in 1738, and because of its colourful interior it became known as the loveliest wooden house of worship in Latvia.
  • The Ludza Orthodox Church - In the centre of the Old City, on the corner of Latgales and Baznīcas streets, the church was built in the style of Russian Classicism between 1843 and 1845.
Accommodation Taverns
Distance driving 40 km

You can visit four or five of the destinations today. Register in advance to visit ''Untumi'', ''Apkalnmājas'' and the workshop of Mr Krompāns, and a visit to each one will take an hour or two. The recommendation is that you choose one or two of them.