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Mara’s Road

Rezekne and surroundings

Apskates objekti

  • The Volkenberga castle ruins - The Volkenberga Castle was built in the 13th century by the Livonian Order, and it was practically impregnable, as it was on top of Mākoņkalns hill.  These were among the first fortifications in Latgale, and only fragments of the castle remain today. 
  • The potter Evalds Vasilevskis  - He and fellow participants in the school use ancient ceramics methods and techniques, firing dishware in a pit-type kiln and with the smoke technique.
  • Rezekne - "The heart of Latgale", where during the 9th – 12th century stood a fortified Latgalian castle. 
  • The Rezekne Old Believer Prayer House of St Nicholas - Its tower has three silver and brass bells (restored), and one of them is thought to be the largest bell in Latvia (4,832 kg with a tongue that weighs 200 kg in and of itself).
  • The Heart of Jesus Cathedral in Rezekne  - Attention should be paid to stained glass windows that feature images of St Meinhard and Albert.
  • The Rezekne castle hill  - The Rēzekne castle hill is an impressive hillock (15 m) on the right bank of the Rēzekne River. From the 9th to the 12th century, there was a Lettigalian castle here.
  • GORS, The Embassy of Latgale  -  A centre of culture, concert halls, film theatre, a place of residence for artists, an exhibition space for art, a restaurant for the enjoyment of life, a place for experiments with all the senses. 
  • The Roman Catholic Church of the Anguished Mother of God in Rezekne  -  The church honours the Anguished Mother of God, and the central altar is dedicated to her.  Icons in the building date back to the early 20th century.
  • The Rezekne Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Holy Trinity - Today it houses an exhibition, “From Foundations to the Steeple:  Photographs of Ancient Lettigalian Construction Jobs.”  This documents the construction of the church.  The 37 metre steeple offers a good look at Rēzekne.
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Register in advance to visit Mr Vasilevskis, a potter. The visit will take an hour or two.