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Mara’s Road

Aglona and surroundings

Apskates objekti

  • A commemorative stone at the home of Rainis’ parents  - The stone is in the small village of Vasiļova, which is along the Daugavpils-Rēzekne (A13) road.  The Vasiļova Semi-Estate used to be leased by the father of the great Latvian playwright Rainis, Krišjānis Pliekšāns.
  • The Roman Catholic Church of John the Baptist in Viski  - The church was built of fieldstones between 1908 and 1925 in the Tudor Neo-Gothic style (designed by the Liepāja-based architect Stadmann).
  • The Aglona Catholic Basilica  - This is the centre for Catholicism in Latvia and a destination for pilgrims from all around the world. On August 15 each year, hundreds and thousands of pilgrims arrive in Aglona to celebrate the assumption of the Virgin Mary.  
  • The Aglona Bread Museum  - At this museum, you will learn all about the baking of bread from grain to loaf, and you can make your own loaves, too. 
  • The ”Jasmuiza” Memorial Museum  - Between 1883 and 1891, the estate that was once owned by the Šadurskis family was rented by the father of the great poet Rainis, Krišjānis Pliekšāns.
  • The Juri farm  - You can taste the cheese, milk, clotted milk, buttermilk and other dairy products, watch how they are made, and take part in the process yourself.
Accommodation Taverns
Distance driving 80 km

Today you can visit five of the destinations. Register in advance for a tour of the Juri farm or the Aglona Bread Museum (choosing just one of these destinations). The tour will take at least an hour or two.