Country Holidays

Rye bread events in Latvia

Bread Day in Āraiši Windmill

Each year on the last Sunday of July, bakers and bread enthusiasts, bread consumers and ancient tradition admirers, gather on the windmill hill to celebrate the day of Jēkabs, following an ancient tradition to celebrate fresh rye bread. The participants have access to bread baking workshops and creative workshops, children explore the Bread Loaf Trail, and music and traditional games are being played. There is also a Bread Market and an activity of turning the blades of the windmill takes place.

Bread Street in the Riga City Festival

Every year, the Latvian Bakers' Association takes part in the Riga City Festival and creates the Bread Street in the very centre of the city. The association is represented by the most active bakeries in Latvia, their best craftsmen, and their apprentices. All along the street, the bakers make and bake a variety of treats, tell people stories and legends about bread, and invite everyone to join in the activities they have prepared, such as solving riddles and recognising different cereals, ancient baker's tools, and bread ingredients. The Bread Street gives everyone the opportunity to learn about bread and to taste and purchase breads and bread and flour products that are both well-known and brand new, created with the modern consumer in mind.

Milk, Bread and Honey Festival in Jelgava

Every year, at the end of August, the “Milk, Bread and Honey Festival” takes place in Jelgava, giving everyone the opportunity to taste and buy the most delicious milk, bread and honey products from all over Latvia. A festive mood is ensured by open-air stage performances by several choirs, folk music ensembles and bands. Tastings and contests are held throughout the day, determining people’s favourite honey and bread products. Various creative workshops and sports activities also take place during the festival.


Atbalsta Zemkopības ministrija un Lauku atbalsta dienests

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