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SAFETUR - Practise based training tool for safety and security in European Rural tourism (2012-1-LV1-LEO05-03389)

Project duration: 01.10.2012 - 30.09.2014

Project  goal:
Provide apractical and efficient, continuosly updated life-long learning opportunity for tourism micro-SMEs in Europe through improved trainingaccessibility in the field of Safety and Security at workplace and for clients, leading to compliance with cross-european standarts, anincreased professionalism, competitiveness through trust and reability and through these, stability and sustainability of rural tourisminitiatives in Europe.
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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.


Project activities:


5th European Congress on Rural Tourism in Alpbach/Tirol

5th European Congress on Rural Tourism in Alpbach/Tirol will happen from 6th till 7th of October, in the second day of the congress, Latvian Rural Tourism Association's ''Lauku ceļotājs'' president Asnāte Ziemele, will present SAFETUR - Practice based training tool for safety and security in European rural tourism project results. During the congress there was also a project partners meeting. Meeting  program is available here! Meeting minutes here.
Photo gallery can see here.

More information about this congress and program is available here:


Press release

''Lauku ceļotājs'' have composed a message for the press, regarding  European Rural tourism organization focus on safety & security.  We have included updates about project: launch of a new handbook and online training platform, as well as other project activities. Full document can be found here!


Partner countries' educational institutions

Project partners have compiled a list of education institutions - interested in enriching their curriculum content with handbook, that has been created during this project. Handbook includes several sections of the general security requirements, outdoor activities, safety, etc. This is one of the training tools that's based on the practices, to ensure the safety of rural tourism in companies, all around Europe. Preparing and training new specialists of the tourism industry, these education institutions plan to implement web tools , training materials and a modeled online training course. Educational institutions can be found  here!
Letter for education institution here.


Partner meeting in Bergen

Bergen meeting
On May 26th, partners met in Bergen, Norway to discuss project activities and further work. Project partners presented their contribution in project work. Participants discussed and analized developed online training tool and inspectionam manual. Meeting programme can see here.
Safety and security issues were discussed also in the Eurogites workshop and study tour which took place in fallowing days. See the programme here. Photo gallery here.
Asnate Ziemele presentation about project activities and customer survey summary.
Ģirts Ziemelis presentation about developed online training tool here.
Partner presentations about their project activities -  Norwegian, Bulgarian, UK.
Partner meeting minutes can see here.
Workshop and study tour minutes can see here.


Safety and Security tool is now available

Online tool
One of the main project results - Safety and Security tool is now available. In tool you will find virtual training module, Inspection  manual and Security self-check. Online tool is available here:


Partners meet in workshop

3rd meeting
On  January 17th  project working group met in Berlin to discuss project actualities - next partner meeting in Norway which will be combined with Eurogites meeting and project final event - congress in Austria. Workshop minutes can see here.


Lauku celotajs presents project

3rd meeting
On 3rd Decembre Asnate Ziemele from Lauku celotajs participated in European Comission event where informed the participants also about the Safetur project activities. Presentation can see here, programm of the event here.


3rd Project parner meeting and Eurogites workshop

3rd meeting

On November 27 in UK, Buxton city Eurogites workshop took place. During workshop safety and security issues in rural tourism online bookings were discussed. Programm of the event can see here.
The event was combined with the project partner meeting, which was held on November 28. Partners discused current events - safety and security handbook, testing and other activities, presentation here. Lauku celotajs prezented online customer survey summary. Partner meeting programm can see here.


Handbook "Your rural tourism business - run it smart!"

Partners have developed handbook "Your rural tourism business - run it smart!" which is one of the main project products and contains central safety questions in rural tourism, like - general requirments related to safety and security (water quality, fire safety etc.), outdoor and indoor activities, food and drink in rural tourism etc. Handbook can see here, it will be available in all project partner languages, plus German.


Information about project activities in association newsletter

"Lauku ceļotājs" have published summer e-magazine where information about the project activities - customer feedback summary was included. Printed magazine will be distributed in  association events, but online version is available here (only in Latvian). Information about project activities can see on page 9.
E-magazine was sent electronically to customers and rural tourism providers (4000 respondents) and available in association homepage.


Project information in Lithuania Countryside tourism association meeting

              presentation in Lithuania
Project partner Lithuanian Countryside Tourism association organized stakeholder meeting on 29th May where project was presented. During the meeting discussion about safety and security aspects were held. Representatives from State food and veterinary service - Virginius Jauga and Rimantas Bokmota from Fire and rescue department shared their experience and informed about latest legislative requirments in rural tourism. Totally 83 persons participated.
Presentation of project can see here


Tourism safety and security survey

In order to prepare tehnical and training materials for rural tourism providers, project partners are doing customer survey on safety and security. Survey can see and fill here.

18. - 20.04.2013

Project partner meeting

During April 18 - 20 2nd partner meeting took place in Germany, Walkendorf/Mecklenburg. Asnāte Ziemele presented SAFETUR project and customer feedback summary. 16 persons from Europe's rural tourism organizations participated in workshop. Presentation and feedback summary can see here.

During the meeting project partners met to discuss project activities, like customer feedbacks, customer online survey and handbook sections. Also further work plan was set. Presentation can see here.
Program can see here. Meeting minutes here.


Workshop for rural tourism entrepreneurs

Project partner HANEN orgnized workshop for rural tourism entrepreneurs and catering service providers in countryside. During event safety and security in this industry were discussed.
Asnate Ziemele from "Lauku celotajs" informed participants about project activities and results that will be useful for rural tourism entrepreneurs.
Program can see here.


Project information in Lithuania Countryside Tourism Association event

Project partner Lithuanina Countryside Tourism Association  organized generall assambly on 6th March. During the event participants were informed also about the participation in SAFETUR project, its acitivities, planned events and results. Totally 80 persons participated.
Program can see here.


Summary of Safety and Security requirments in rural tourism

Information about Safety & Security requirments in rural tourism services, and the tools, measures, documents or important materials that exist in the partner countries were collected and summarized. Safety&Security requirment summary can see here.


Project activities in e-magazine
"Lauku ceļotājs" have published spring e-magazine where information about the project and it's activities included. Printed magazine will be distributed in "Balttour 2013" tourism fair, association events, but online version is available here (only in Latvian). Information about project included in page number 4.
E-magazine was distributed during tourism fair "Balttour 2013" in 500 copies and electronically sent to customers and rural tourism providers (4000 respondents).


Online customer survey

In order to clarify customer satisfaction with safety&security in rural tourism establishments, project partners will carry out customer survey. "Lauku ceļotājs" will distribute first survey's in tourism fair "Balttour 2013", soon it will be availabe in hompage and also in partner's webpages.


Guidlines for feedback gathering

To collect clients opinion and experience connected with safety&security, project partners will gather client feedbacks. Feedbacks will be collected from online booking pages (like, associations and other pages where they are available. To make work easy, guidlines for customer feedback gathering are made ( guidlines can see here). All feedbacks will be collected in online form and after summarizing used in guidelines development. 


Draft criteria of safety and security in Rural tourism

Draft version of criteria in safety and security in rural tourism have been developed by project lead partner. Information can see here.


Project meeting in Berlin

On January 18th project partners met in Berlin to discuss further project activities and plan dissemination events during "EuroGites" General Assambly. During meeting project partners reviewed and improved example of customer safety and security survey, draft criteria of safety and security inRural Tourism in Europe and other materials made by project lead partner "Lauku ceļotājs".
Meeting programm can see here.

19.- 20.11.2012

Project kick-off meeting

kick off meeting
Project kick-off meeting took place in Riga, November 19-20. The partners discussed administrative matters, tasks and results to achieve. A representative  from the Leonardo da Vinci Lifelong Learning program national agency took part in the meeting. Meeting agenda can view here and meeting minutes here.

Partner presentations about tourism safety in partner countries and transferable materials:
Latvian Country Tourism Association presentation about QUALITOOL project.
Lithuanian Countryside Tourism Association presentation about situation in Lithuania.
Farm Stay UK presentation about situation and transferable material.
HANEN (Norway) presentation here.

Photos of the meeting can view here.

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