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Гостевой дом
Гостевой дом Латвия, Vidzeme, Salaspils novads

"Arpus laika"

The name of the house is ‘Ārpus Laika’ and it means ‘Beyond Time’. The family has created a landscape park and they practice green living in a dome house designed by themselves. The family also manufactures garden furniture and hammocks. The buildings are surrounded by a beautiful park and a pond full of frogs and fishes. The surrounding landscape of the park with a pergola, a bridge, a forest and fields creates a very tranquil countryside atmosphere that can be experienced just a short drive away from the capital city. The hostess makes wines and offers tasting of different sorts. She also demonstrates cooking of traditional Latvian desserts. The place is also popular for weddings and post-wedding photo sessions.

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Salaspils pag.
Salaspils nov.
LV-5015, Латвия