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Active tour
Active tour Individual Latvia, Lithuania

Latgale – Aukstaitija: visiting open farms in the borderland of EU

Day 1

Arrival and free time to look at Rīga, where you will spend the night.

Day 2 Rīga - Rēzekne

You will ride your bike from the Rīga Hotel to the train station, which will take about half an hour, and ten take the train to Rēzekne, which will take about three hours and 50 minutes.  Then you will ride from the train station in Rēzekne to the Apkalnmājas farm, where you will find people who process leather and horseback riding equipment.  You will learn about everything that is necessary for horseback riding, visit a local exhibition hall, learn more about types of leather, try your hand at leather processing, and have a chance to purchase leather goods.

For meals in Rēzekne we recommend:

    • Rozālija restaurant
    • Rositten café 

Accommodations in Rēzekne:

    • Kolonna Hotel in Rēzekne
    • Zaļā Sala guesthouse

Distance cycling 10 km

Day 3 Rēzekne - Kaunata - Lipuški

You will have free time to examine Rēzekne, which is the hart of Latgale.  A Lettigalian castle was there from the 9th to the 12th century.  Destinations include the Rēzekne castle hill, the GORS Lettigalian Embassy, the Heart of Jesus Cathedral, the Lāde store, where you sill find the work of Lettigalian craftspeople and artists, the Zeimuļš Eastern Latvian creative services centre, and the local tourist information centre.  Along the way, visit Lake Rāzkna, the Catholic Church in Kaunata, the Old Believer prayer house in Lipuški, and Mākoņkalns hill.  You can also visit potter Ēvalds Vasiļevskis at his workshop.

For meals we recommend:

    • Ezerkrasti café

Accommodations near Lake Rāzna:

    • Osmany weekend house
    • Rāznas līcis weekend complex

Distance cycling 60 km

Day 4 Lipuški - Malta - Aglona

You can visit potter Aivars Ušpelis and painter Vēsma Ušpele at their workshop.  Also visit the Christ the King hill, the Aglona Catholic Basilica and the Aglona Bread Museum, where you will learn everything about the path of bread from grain to loaf.  Bake your own loaf if you wish, and taste bread and herbal teas.

The Juri farm uses milk from its own cows to produce cheeses on the basis of modern and ancient recipes.  Taste the cheese, various kinds of milk and dairy products, and take pat in the work of the farm if you like.

For meals we recommend:

    • Turība café in Aglona
    • Aglonas Cakuli guesthouse (order meals in advance)

Accommodations in Aglona:

    • Aglonas Cekuli guesthouse
    • Ceļmalas guesthouse

Distance cycling 50 km

Day 5 Aglona - Krāslava - Kaplava

Visit Lake Velnezers, Krāslava and the Duke Plater castle complex.  There is a viewing tower in Priedaine that offers a lovely view of the curves of the Daugava River.  You can also visit potter Valdis Pauliņš.

For meals we recommend:

    • Lejasmalas leisure complex
    • Daugava eatery (offering Lettigalian dishes if ordered in advance)

Accommodations in Kaplava:

    • Klajumi horse farm

Distance cycling 40 km

Day 6 Kaplava - Krāslava - Slutišķi - Daugavpils

Visit the Adamova nature trail and the Kurmīši farm, where herbal teas are brewed.  You will learn all about medicinal plants and be able to buy various kinds of tea.

The Cīruļi beekeeping farm is in the Lielie Muļķi village.  The owners manage more than 100 hives of bees and are happy to tell you about their experience and to offer products for tastings and purchase.

The village of Stutišķi is an ethnographic village with typical Lettigalian buildings, windows and façades.  A local museum features information about Old Believers and their traditions and culture.

The St Peter and St Paul Roman Catholic Church in Juzefova is of interest, as is the Vasargeliški viewing tower, which offers a lovely view of the curves of the Daugava.

For meals we recommend:

    • Bring your own food for the trip, because there are no dining facilities along the way
    • For dinner:  Guberators restaurant in Daugavpils

Accommodations in Daugavpils:

    • Latgola Park Hotel
    • Dinaburg Hotel

Distance cycling 65 km

Day 7 Daugavpils - Tilze – Zarasai

You will have time to tour Daugavpils, which is Latvia's second city and includes the Daugavpils fort and the Mark Rothko Art Centre, as well as the Daugavpils Bullet Factory.  Along the way visit the Great Island in Lake Zarasa, where you will find an observation bridge and shoreline.  You will also visit Kanapecku ūkis (Indrajos g. 2, Zabičiūnu k, Anatlieptes sen., Zarasu r. LT-32242).  Here you can go horseback riding in the company of a professional coach.  

Accommodations in Zarasai:

    • Sigitos Sodyba guesthouse
    • Nakučiu guesthouse
    • Svečiuose pas Onute farm

Distance cycling 30 km

Day 8 Zarasai – Dūkštas - Ignalina

You will visit the Atostogos grybiškeje guesthouse, where you can purchase country goodies and organic honey.  You can go fishing and watch as the fish that you catch is smoked.  Please order meals in advance.

Accommodations in Ignalina:

    • Zuvedra Hotel

Distance cycling 55 km

Day 9 Ignalina – Paluse – Ginuciai – Stripeikiai – Kirdeikiai – Antalksne – Kaltanenai – Ignalina

You will spend the day at the Aukštaitija National Park.

You will ride down the Paulse nature trail, which is 3.5 km long and visit the Palūše wooden church, as well as the ethnographic village of Salos, which is between several lakes.  From there you will bike to the Ginučiu castle hill and water mill, as well as Lithuania's best known beekeeping museum in Stripeikiai.

The Edmundo Dapkaus guesthouse offers guide services and tours by boat through the Aukštaitija National Park.

For meals we recommend:

    • Gaideliu Sodyba guesthouse (make reservations in advance)

You will spend the night in Ignalina.

Distance cycling 65 km

Day 10 Ignalina – Moletai

Visit the Labanora Regional Park, which features many forests and lakes.  There is a viewing tower that offers a view from 36 m up from the ground.

For meals we recommend:

    • Romnesa restaurant
    • Sodyba Prie Žeimenos guesthouse
    • Gojaus Smukle restaurant

The Elenutes namai guesthouse is in the Aukštaitija National Park.  There are several trails in the forest that pass along lakes, and hikes there are safe.  You can fishing at the farm and learn about its pets.

Accommodations in Moletai:

    • Belvilis spa hotel

Distance cycling 55 km

Day 11 Moletai – Pabrade

From Pabrade, you will take the train to Vilnius (~ 1 h).

You will spend the night in Vilnius.

Distance cycling 40 km

Day 12

Free time to examine Vilnius.