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Freedom’s Road

Skrunda - Durbe - Grobina

Tourist attractions

  • A rock to commemorate the battle at Skrunda  - The rock is in the square outside the Skrunda Cultural Centre.  It was installed in 2005 in honour of the victory of Col Oskars Kalpaks and his battalion over the Bolsheviks.
  • A train wagon to commemorate deportations - The wagon commemorates the 2,916 innocent people from Skrunda and the surrounding area who were deported to Siberia in cattle wagons.
  • The Rudbarzi Estate  - After a reconstruction in 1883, the building became an ornate example of Mannerism and Renaissance architecture.
  • Durbe - The smallest city in Latvia was given the rank of a city in 1893.
  • Grobina - From the 6th century until the 8th century instead of the current Grobina the largest known Scandinavian trade and warrior colony in the Baltic States was located.
  • The ruins of the Grobina castle  - The Livonian Order built a castle made of bricks and fieldstones in this location in 1253.
  • The Grobina castle hill  - This ancient Courlandian castle hill has remnants of an ancient city.
Accommodations Taverns
Distance driving 70 km

During the course of the day, you can examine important evidence about the history of Latvia.