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Freedom’s Road

Saldus and surroundings

Tourist attractions

  • Saldus - Modern Saldus attracts with its activities - town days, the music festival "Saldus Saule", as well as a variety of sightseeing objects, among which A/S 'Druvas Partika " can be mentioned, where you can watch how the ice cream is made and Saldus Food Factory, where you can taste the delicious candy "Gotina" and watch the production process.
  • The Puteni farm  - This farm features fowl and pets, as well as a hike “along the path of Baron von Behr.”  The owners teach visitors about traditional annual rituals, including the preparation of caraway seed cheese and other Latvian dishes.
  • The Oskars Kalpaks Memorial Museum, “Airites”  - “Airītes” is a museum found at the place where the first commander of the Latvian Armed Forces, Col Oskars Kalpaks and other Latvian soldiers (including three officers) fell during a battle on March 6, 1919.


Distance driving 45 km

You must register in advance to visit “Puteņi.” The tour will take an hour or hour-and-a-half.