There are several hundred kilometres of rivers to be explored in the Baltic. Our rivers are ideal for leisurely boating in summertime. Perhaps you will find occasional small rapids, a fallen tree or a beaver dam. During springtime flooding some otherwise calm rivers offer exciting adventures and requires some skills and safety equipment. Many rivers flow through the national parks, steep sand stone banks are typical feature in many rivers. There are several pick-nick spots along the way for resting and preparing food. We offer boating trips from one day up to one week. One to two day trips are often incorporated within longer tour around the Baltic or as an escape from the city.

  • Our packages  typically include canoe rental as well as transfer (canoe and yourself) to the river and back your base.
  • Accommodation is organized close to the river.
  • Canoeing tours run from May until September.
  • Before your arrival, we shall send you a personalised tour program with dates, accommodations and extra services you booked (please see the optional extra services available in each tour description in the price section).
  • Upon your arrival at the first hotel of your tour you will receive detailed road maps for each day, descriptions with sites, attractions, eating places on the way,  travelling instructions from place to place, and vouchers for your booked services as well as tour. To see an example of the travelling instructions please click here (pdf file).
  • For our clients, we operate 24h emergency phone.

If you have an idea how you'd like to travel around the Baltic, we can help you to put the  tour together and you can count on our local advice.

What are the individual tours?
Overview Tour details
8 days
Total distance cycling 157 km, walking 9 km, boating 17 km
from 405 EUR / pers

Soft Adventures at the Gauja National Park

Activities on this tour are cycling, walking and canoeing.

If you enjoy an active lifestyle then this tour is the perfect way to enjoy the heritage hidden in the Gauja National Park, from several different perspectives. Cycling starts at Strenči and passses two local breweries at Brenguļi and Valmiermuiža with nice cafes and good beer. From Valmiera the route goes through beautiful forest to Cēsis with its charming medieval Old Town. Canoeing takes place from Cēsis to Līgatne, which is one of the nicest parts of the Gauja river with its sandstone banks, remote farmsteads and old fashioned water-powered ferry. Ligatne historic centre is connected with the development of its paper mill. Here you can also visit local wine and handicraft producers located in one of the artificial caves typical of the area. Walking the Ligatne Nature trails to see local wild animals in a forest setting. Cycling the surprisingly hilly, winding roads of Sigulda, you'll see Turaida and Sigulda medieval castles, Gutmana Cave and other picturesque views.

Cycling Canoeing Walking Active season months5-10
2 days
Total distance boating 47 km
from 75 EUR / pers

Canoeing in Gauja National Park

The Gauja is the most beautiful river in Latvia, with an impressive river valley that is up to 80 metres in depth. Picturesque sandstone outcrops rise above the river. The Gauja is a calm river, with just a few small rapids. Leisure boating is perfect here. Between Cesis and Sigulda, the Gauja flows through the Gauja National Park . There are several well-appointed facilities for boaters on the banks of the river, with benches, tables, places for campfires, firewood and information stands.Several interesting heritage sites on the way - Ligatne Oldfashioned ferry, Turaida medieval castle and Krimulda Manor.

12 days
Total distance cycling 446 km, boating 7 km
Estonia, Latvia
from 570 EUR / pers

Through national parks to the cliffs of Estonia’s northern shore

The route leads mostly through the Gauja National Park where you will see the most beautiful river valley in the Baltic States. It is the ancient Gauja River valley with gorgeous flora and fauna and the mightiest Devonian-period sandstone cliffs, in the region. While riding the route, you can study Latvia's most brilliant medieval city, Cēsis. You can visit medieval castles and castle ruins there and in Sigulda. A guide will take through underground bunkers in Līgatne which were secret in soviet times and have no analogue in North-eastern Europe. You will then pass through the beautiful Otepaa highlands and the Lahemaa National Park in Estonia. The old town of Tallinn is on the UNESCO list of world cultural heritage.

Canoeing Cycling