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Culinary route "Flavours of Livonia"

This map includes 250 stops of the Livonian Culinary Route in Latvia and Estonia - taverns, restaurants, lodging houses and producing farms, allowing you to find out the impact of Livonian times on the contemporary cuisine of today. Although the borders of Livonia were erased from the global map long ago, our traditional cuisine is still basically made up of the same foods that our ancestors ate. This is history, right here on the table!

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Informative brochure "Taste of Livonia. Dishes"

Here you will find a selection of traditional food with a preparation history coinciding with the Livonian historical period. Cheese, cottage cheese with hemp, milk with berries. Kama flour. Peas and beans. Sorrel and mushrooms. Barley porridge and rye bread. Sauerkraut and salted cucumbers. Sal­ted sprats and herring. Smoked fish. Martin’s day rooster. Meat and lam- prey that’s cooked on open fire.

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Livonia Regional Leaflets

Five leaflets describes culinary heritage and history of each region and includes maps with the routes around 36 objects of Livonian Culinary Route and other attractions. Routes can be done in any possible way - by car, bike or hiking.

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Handbook for food providers "Flavours of Livonia"


This handbook is intended for rural tourism entrepreneurs and caterers. Its purpose is to help entrepreneurs of the "Livonian Culinary route" to better adapt their existing catering offer to the trends of culinary tourism and to supplement the marketing activities with elements of interest to the culinary tourists.

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Table covers for food providers of "Livonian Culinary route"

Informative table covers are prepared for the participants of the "Livonian Culinary route", which serves as a special connecting element for all catering service providers involved in the project.

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Touroperator manual "Flavours of Livonia"

This brochure includes thematic visits and farm programs as well as guided tours in Latvia and Estonia. They are designed for individual travelers and / or tourist groups and can be easily adapted to the needs of travelers. You can learn more about farms where you can get to know the unique local foods directly from the producers, watch the cooking or take part in the process, dine on home-cooked traditional food or enjoy local wine and beer.

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Handbook for food and drink producers of "Livonian Culinary route"

This handbook summarizes tips for food and drink producers that encourage them to present their product and its story in a thoughtful way, and to think about how to make an emotional connection with the consumer of the origin of the product. Inspired stories of small producers in Latvia and Estonia are good examples of tourism development.

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