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Flavours of Livonia

Would it not be nice to board a sailing ship with Dutch, German, British or Swedish people to sail into the port of Rīga thanks to the salty wind of the sea? Would it not be nice to ride a boat that is full of products down a Medieval route along the Daugava River?  What about riding in a horse-drawn carriage from Rīga to Revel and Tartu, stopping at roadside saloons along the way?

The Culinary Road of Livonia offers you a chance to go back in history. Although the borders of Livonia were erased from the global map long ago, the traditional cuisine of Latvians and Estonians is still basically made up of the same foods that our ancestors ate. We still bake bread in a bread oven, and we brew beer.  Just as has been the case since ancient times, we prepare mushrooms, fish and wild game.  It turns out that it was specifically during the Livonian era that people in this part of the world first encountered pepper, ginger, cloves and cinnamon.  The amount of Eastern spices in a dish depended on the wealth of noblemen in Hanseatic cities.

By taking a trip of tastes in the Livonian kitchen, you will learn all about what people ate at a time when potatoes were not yet known here.  You will find out the origins of salted herring that was imported to this land, and you will learn why we baked saffron pastries for celebrations.  From a marinated sprat to a mug of home-brewed beer -- this is history right there on the table.


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