No 40020
Erholungspark Lettland, Vidzeme, Aizkraukles novads

Kugitis "Gulbis"

The boat "Gulbis" goes on trips along the Daugava, revealing the history of Koknese and Likteņdārzs, the stories of the Daugava, and will become a witness to today's story. It invites you to go along, enjoy, explore, remember, dream and relax, rinsing the waves of the Daugava, in complete peace, enjoying the sounds of nature and the stories of an audio guide. The boat can accommodate up to 20 guests on board.

Route: Likteņdārzs - Koknese Lutheran Church - Koknese Castle Ruins - Perse River - Likteņdārzs Amphitheater - Likteņdārzs.

The boat can also be booked for events such as birthdays, weddings, etc. Flight times can be viewed and tickets can be purchased on the website, as well as on board.

Aktive Erholung Saison5-9