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Sparkling birch sap production plant BIRZI


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  • an introduction from the hosts about birch sap including a video and photos showing birch sap harvesting in springtime;
  • tasting diferent kinds of birch sap from fresh to sparkling with various favours, and the unique birch sap syrup, as well as wines from birch sap and dandelion.
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The "Kainaži" homestead is nearly 150 years old, and it is between Smiltene and Rauna.  The farm is encircled by hundred-year-old oak trees, and it is in a quiet place far from major roads.  The farm has a park of more than 300 different types of maples, birches and walnut trees.  For many years, the Labanovskis family has been producing and popularising various types of birch and maple juice.  The owners studied Canadian experience in the production of syrups, and they have done so successfully for several years.  Products at "Birzī" are biologically certified.

Līvija and Ervīns traded life in Rīga for life in the countryside to pursue their ideas about creating a business that sells juices.  Ervīns inherited the knowledge of his parents about the circulation of sap in trees and the valuable properties of the resulting juices.  He also studied Canadian technologies in the processing of juices.  Sister Nora works in Rīga, but during her free time she also is excited about visiting "Birzī."

The owners offer visitors a chance to tour the processing line and the juice park.  They can plant a tree and taste birch juice and its various variants, from fresh to sparkling juice with various tastes.  There is also birch juice syrup.  In June, when the leaves of birch trees are fresh and full of energy, guests are encouraged to help in producing birch switches.  Feel the powerful aroma of birch leaves and then bring your switch home with you.  A special offer is lunch for groups of visitors outdoors.


  • Introduction to the owners;
  • The BIRZĪ production line, offering information about the company, the extraction of juices, the processing rooms, the juice cellar and the sugar house;
  • The park of trees, with each visitor digging a hole and then planting a birch or maple tree.  Visitors are asked to name their tree and then tie a label with that name around its trunk;
  • Products at BIRZĪ can be tasted and purchased.


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11/24/2021... -12/31/2024

Saimnieki iegūst bērzu sulas, no kurām ražo bezalkoholiskos dzirkstošos dzērienus. Tām pievieno piparmētras u.c. tradicionālās latviešu garšvielas, izmantojot vevecāku receptes. Saimnieki izvadā ekskursijā pa saimniecību, piedāvā produkcijas degustāciju un iegādi.

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Latvian Heritage

For modern developments of Latvian traditions – birch sap

Collection of birch sap is characteristic of Latvian and neighbouring nations. The owner, Ervīns Labanovskis tells and shows - how this was done in ancient times. The brewing process also includes ancient wisdom. The primary recipe for the preparation of fizzy birch sap is the recipe used and tested by the parents of the owner, which was later upgraded by him.  The visitors are welcome to try and buy the products.

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Flavours of Livonia - Producer

The plant is located halfway between Rauna and Smiltene.Tasting of fresh birch sap, sparkling beverages and birch juice syrup. You can also try dandelion wine here. Birzī products are certified organic products.