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Daugava's Road

Koknese - Krustpils

Tourist attractions

  • The ruins of the Koknese Castle  - A visitors centre is near the ruins, and there you can carve a Medieval coin or rent a boat to sail down the Daugava.
  • The “Baltaine” creative house - This venue organises seminars, courses and activities related to Latvian holidays and family celebrations.  There are master’s classes about culinary heritage in Latvia, musical instruments that can be played, and demonstrations of various handicrafts, including weaving, knitting, crocheting, etc. 
  • Liktendarzs Garden  - The aim of this fundamental open-air object was to commemorate people in Latvia who suffered because of totalitarian regimes.
  • A monument to the Staburags cliff - It is installed in the place where the reservoir of the Pļaviņas hydroelectric power plant flooded one of Latvia’s most interesting geological monuments.
  • A Viking ship  - To view the Daugava River from a different perspective, visit the Liepkalni bakery, which offers tours in a Viking longboat that is called “Lāčplēsis”.
  • A memorial to Daugava rafters  - The symbolic raft is made of  logs and stones, and around it are informational stands with photographs that tell the story of the heavy work that rafters on the Daugava once did in terms of overcoming the rapids of the river.
  • The Krustpils Castle  - The Jēkabpils Museum of History was installed in the castle in 1994, and it can be toured in the company of a guide or an audio guide.


Distance driving 70 km

Today you can visit four to five of the listed destinations. Register in advance for educational programmes at the Creative House. The programmes take an hour or two. Register well in advance for a trip on the Viking ship. The memorial to the Staburags cliff on the opposite shore of the Daugava can be visited on your return trip along the left bank of the river.