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Daugava's Road

Riga - Salaspils

Tourist attractions

  • The Daugavgriva fortress  - It is a former Soviet army facility with abandoned buildings and a monument to sailors who served in submarines.
  • The Katlakalns Lutheran Church  -  There are records to show that there has been a church at this location since the 17th century, and the current one was built between 1792 and 1794 by the chief construction specialist of the city of Rīga, Christopher Haberland.
  • The Daugava Museum - The collection presents Daugava as an important water route, with the apparel of Baltic and Liv tribes, everyday objects, etc.  
  • The Salaspils memorial  - A Nazi concentration camp was at this location during World War II, and there is information to suggest that more than 50,000 residents of occupied Europe were murdered here.  This is one of the largest ensembles of its type, taking up 25 hectares of land.
Accommodation Taverns
Distance driving 35 km

Make sure to find out in advance when the Daugavgrīva fortress is open to visitors.