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Daugava's Road

Slutiski - Piedruja

Tourist attractions

  • The potter Valdis Paulins - The potter is happy to welcome guests, offer them tours and demonstrations, and allow visitors to help in producing ceramics.
  • The castle of the Plater dynasty  - There are several buildings from the estate that survive to the present day and were built by the Plater dynasty of noblemen.
  • The Klajumi horse farm  - The far features twelve friendly horses from Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus, as well as three eager dogs of various species, along with rabbits, chickens, cows and cats.
  • Piedruja - The largest town in South-Eastern Latvia is on the banks of the Daugava River, which is the border between Latvia and Belarus at this location.
Accommodations Taverns
Distance driving 45 km

Register in advance to visit the kiln of Mr Pauliņš, who is a potter. The Klajumi horse farm offers a chance to ride horses, visit the Mosquito rail and spend the night. This location is in Latvia’s border zone, so you must always have personal identification (an ID card or passport) when you are there.