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Daugava's Road

Daugmale - Ikskile

Tourist attractions

  • A memorial to the Livs of the Daugava region and their leader, Ako  - Not far from the Rīga ring road on the Right Bank of the Daugava is a monument designed by the sculptor Ģirts Burvis in 1994, which is dedicated to the Livs of the Daugava region and their Mārtiņsala leader, Ako,  who led a battle against the Holy Crusades.
  • The Daugmale castle hill  -  This is an ancient and important place for trade and craftsmanship on the left shore of the Rīga hydroelectric power plant reservoir.
  • The ruins of the Ikskile church - The ruins are part of the oldest stone building in Latvia.  Work on the church began in 1184, but it was rebuilt and sacked several times, most recently in 1916.
  • Death Island  - During World War I, there were massive battles between Latvian Riflemen and a much larger German army on Death Island. In honour of this, the architect Eižens Laube designed a monument to fallen Latvian riflemen on the northern shore of Death Island.
Accommodation Taverns
Distance driving 30 km

You will have to rent a boat in Ikskile to visit Death Island. The trip will take at least a few hours.