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Castle, manor house
Castle, manor house Latvia, Zemgale, Jelgavas novads


The Blankenfelde Estate is a cultural monument of national importance.  The name of the estate was first recorded in 1462 when the Master of the Livonian Order rents the lands between the Svēte and Platone rivers to Claus von Medeheym (Medem). In 1561/62 during the age of the Duchy of Courland it becomes a private Estate, and is owned by von Medem family for nearly three centuries. The next owners are von Buttlar, von Manteuffel-Szoege, von Koenigsfels and von Hahn families. The Blankenfelde Estate buildings were erected in 1740-ies. Ther rooms in the main house are aligned in enfilades, decorated with Baroque interior elements. There is a typical vaulted cellar. The master’s house differs from the servants‘ quarters with its mezzanine along the building’s central axis and the second dloor. During the 19th century verandas are added supported by columns, and the building acquires the traits of Classicism. In 1924 – 1970 the estate serves as a home for elderly. During Soviet time, seasonal labour is accommodated in estate’s rooms. Today, the estate is privately owned. The noble looks are restored with renovations of the gatehouse and the gates, the stables, the landscape park. Roses and peonies adorn the estate’s garden. The buildings now contain a hotel, a modern production facility for juices and wines. The former stable houses a collection of bells from all the world’s countries. There are facilities for events with up to 60 participants. 

Heritage gardens   Guests28 (14)   Bedrooms7   Distance from countries capital city88   Season1-12   Accepts individual travellers Optional meals Internet access Accepts tourist groups
Tālr. +371 27810348
Blankenfeldes muiža
Vilces pag.
Jelgavas nov.
LV-3026, Latvia