Nature objects in the Baltics

The Baltic States are a place on the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea, which has not yet been completely taken over by "modern civilization". Where else in Europe is it possible to go tens of kilometers along the sandy seashore and not meet anyone? Drive for hours on quiet and lonely forest roads without encountering any cars? Go on a boat trip on unsteady rivers that "barge" barges and ships? To see tens and hundreds of plant and animal species and their habitats that have long since disappeared or rarely been found in Europe, but are still frequent and numerous here?

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What makes nature in Latvia remarkable?

The most beautiful and spectacular - the Gauja valley, the longest sandy beach stretching almost the entire country's sea border in short intervals, the largest continuous forest masses, the most spectacular and diverse sandstone outcrops, one of Europe's largest waterfalls and the largest spring and great tree. To protect these, etc. values, the state-created network of specially protected nature territories covers more than 10% of the country's territory.
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