Country Holidays

Green advice if you're in a restricted or Natura 2000 teritorry

  • Be gentle with unique objects out in nature – they’re there for everyone to enjoy.

  • Learn the local rules from a tourist information or visitor centre, where you can ask any questions that you might have.

  • Latvia’s national parks organise environmental education events – they’re interesting and informative.
  • Cut mushrooms with a knife, don’t yank them out of the ground.  Don’t use any mechanics to harvest wild berries.  Let the forest offer its goodies to future visitors, too.

  • Light a campfire only where allowed to do so.  Watch the fire – forest fires cause incalculable damage.

  • Don’t use substances that are harmful to the environment or to people.  You don’t want rivers and lakes to become overgrown.  You don’t want to hurt plants, animals and other people.

  • Be gentle with natural resources even if they’re in great abundance.  There are fewer and fewer renewable resources out in nature.

  • Make use of the services that locals offer.  Shop at the local store, eat at a local eatery, and spend more than just one day in the place where you are.

  • Buy farm goodies from local farmers.

  • Rent boats, bikes, skis and horses from the local residents so as to support local businesses and gain many new emotions and skills for yourself.

  • When you’re at a tourism house or hostel, save water, electricity, firewood and other resources.  They’re not cheap.
  • Respect local residents and their way of life.  Demonstrate an interest in the area’s history, cultural heritage and lifestyles.