Country Holidays

Green advice for drivers

Green advice for drivers

  • Cars in Latvia are only allowed on roads. Beaches and dunes are not roads.

  • Park where you’re allowed to and make sure that your car isn’t hindering hikers, bicyclists, or local residents.

  • Better pay for a car park rather than leave your vehicle in an inappropriate or prohibited place. You’ll support the local economy, and your car will be safer.
  • Surely you’re not one of those people who find that a 500-metre walk to the beach is an insufferable burden!

  • Yes, you can see many things from your car window, but get out of the car and walk up to things that are of interest to you!

  • Loud music blaring from an open car window? At home, perhaps OK, but you’re not at home, and you know that not everyone shares your taste in music!

  • Get out of your car from time to time – bring a bike or some skis. Lease them. 

  • Try to find routes that you can drive in some parts and hike, ride or ski in others.

  • Please remember that bicyclists and pedestrians have the same rights as you do on the road.

  • If you see a biker or hiker on a gravelly country road, slow down. Only fools leave behind an impenetrable cloud of dust and little rocks and stones flying in every direction.

  • Don’t get too close to a biker or hiker – you’ve got the steering wheel, haven’t you?

  • Slow down if someone is approaching you on a gravelled road from the opposite direction. Flying stones can damage your windshield or the other person’s.

  • If a truck or log-carrier is approaching you on a gravelled road from the opposite direction, pull over and stop. That won’t happen often. 

  • If you see a biker or hiker after dark, turn off your high beams. You wouldn’t like to be blinded if you were in their position.
  • If you see a local hitchhiker, give him or her a ride. Public transportation leaves a lot to be desired in Latvia. 

  • Make sure that you pitch a tent and light a campfire only where you’re allowed to do so.

  • Take your trash with you until you can dispose of it properly.

  • Bring country goodies home with you – you don’t have to tote them in a backpack!