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Активный отдых
Активный отдых Индивидуальная Латвия

На байдарках в Национальном парке Гауя

День 1 Cēsis or Jāņrāmis - Līgatne

In the morning (recomended at 10:00), individual arrival to the starting point  at the Gauja river near Cēsis:

Option A
Boating: Jāņrāmis – Līgatne
(~ 26 km, ~6,5 - 8 h) The most scenic stretches of the river with the Ērgļu cliffs and the Kvēpene hillfort, where one can see the oak-tree which is on the Latvian 5 Lats bank note.  The mouth of the Amata river. The Ķūķu cliffs with rapids and the Spriņģu cliffs. The route ends at Līgatne, where the river ferry still operates in summer.

Option B
Boating: Cēsis – Līgatne
(~ 17 km, ~4.5 - 6 h) Start with a walk along the nature trail near to Cēsis before the canoe tour and further as in option A.  
Optional walking in the Līgatne nature trails (5,5km) watching wild animals, typical for the Baltic region, in open-air enclosures. Another trail (1,3km) leads through untouched nature scenery through the Paparžu (Fern) ravine. It is also possible to walk 1,3km by the river Gauja to the scenic Glūdu cliff.

Walking to the guest house, ca .20 minutes.

Overnight in the guest house at Līgatne village.

Расстояние на лодке 26 км

День 2 Līgatne – Sigulda

Walk from the guest house to the river Gauja.

Canoeing: Līgatne -  Sigulda (~21 km, 5 - 7 h). The river is not rapid, and the stream becomes even calmer approaching Sigulda. On the left bank, one can see the Katrīnas and Glūdu cliffs. Shortly before the end of the route, you will notice the red brick tower of the Turaida castle.

Individual departure.

Расстояние на лодке 21 км