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1.diena Rīga

Arrival in Riga
Free time in Riga.
Overnight in a 4* hotel in Riga.

2.diena Sigulda -Turaida - Ragana - Bīriņi

Pick-up your bike at the hotel.
Cycling: hotel - train station (0,5 h), Sigulda - Turaida - Ragana - Bīriņi (~29 km)
Take a train from the Riga Central Railway Station to Sigulda. (55 km, ~1h)
Sites and attractions en route:
-Sigulda medieval castle ruins and baronial estate
-Turaida museum reserve with Livonia Order castle.  There is an observation tower and a sculpture garden on the banks of the Gauja river. Also working estate support buildings (smithy, stables etc.)
-Bīriņi Manor (built 1857-1860) located near a lake and surrounded by wonderful park good for leisurely walk.

Overnight at Manor in Birini.

Attālumi ar velosipēdu 29 km

3.diena Bīriņi - Igate - Limbaži - Pociems - Ozolmuižas pils - Dikļi

Sites and attractions en route:
-Igate Manor (1880) – built in the style of Renaissance, at the castle there is a romantic park and an old water mill, which grains flour for next door pub serving traditional Latvian dishes. Good place for lunch.
-Ozolmuiža Manor built in 18th century, partly survived 19th century's park. Early classicism.
-Dikļi Manor (1896) – built in the style of baroque. There are collection of valuable antique furniture, fireplaces and interior articles inside the manor, good restaurant.

Overnight at Manor in Dikli.

Attālumi ar velosipēdu 69 km

4.diena Dikļi - Valmiera - Cēsis

-Sightseeing of the centre of Valmiera with its St.Simon Church, castle ruines where city's history museum is located with nice views to the river Gauja.
-The route goes through peacful forests along the banks of the river Gauja with beautiful sandstone outcrops.
-Sightseeing in the town Cēsis – charming old town, the ruins of mighty  Livonian Order Castle and the new castle. In the garden of the castle there is a workshop of a traditional jeweller, which can be also visited.

Overnight in hotel in Cēsis.

Attālumi ar velosipēdu 65 km

5.diena Cēsis - Ungurmuiža - Straupe - Lielstraupe - Ligatne - Augšlīgatne

-Lielstraupe castle (13. century) – combination of different styles while rebuilt through the centuries. The building is united with a church.
-Ungurmuiža manor – the oldest wooden baroque manor in Latvia with well preserved wall paintings  and surrounded by centuries old oaks.
-Old fashioned Ligatne ferry operated by the power of stream
-Līgatne village- distictive log houses from 19th century built for workers at Ligatne Paper Factory.
 Optional: Soviet Secret Bunker – if you have an interest in Cold War history then this is a place to visit. Well preserved retreat for leading elite on the occasion of a nuclear war.
Take a train from Ligatne to Riga. Cycle from train station to hotel.

Overnight in a 4* hotel in Riga.

Attālumi ar velosipēdu 50 km

6.diena Rīga

Free time to explore Riga.