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Средневековые замки и поместья Видземе

Cēsis - Ungurmuiža - Straupe - Lielstraupe - Ligatne - Augšlīgatne

-Lielstraupe castle (13. century) – combination of different styles while rebuilt through the centuries. The building is united with a church.
-Ungurmuiža manor – the oldest wooden baroque manor in Latvia with well preserved wall paintings  and surrounded by centuries old oaks.
-Old fashioned Ligatne ferry operated by the power of stream
-Līgatne village- distictive log houses from 19th century built for workers at Ligatne Paper Factory.
 Optional: Soviet Secret Bunker – if you have an interest in Cold War history then this is a place to visit. Well preserved retreat for leading elite on the occasion of a nuclear war.
Take a train from Ligatne to Riga. Cycle from train station to hotel.

Overnight in a 4* hotel in Riga.

Attālumi ar velosipēdu 50 km