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Средневековые замки и поместья Видземе

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This route will allow you to see Latvia's most impressive medieval castles or their ruins, as well as outstanding manor houses from aristocratic estates dating back th the 18th and 19th century. The mansion of the Ungurmuiža Estate is one of the only wooden palaces left in Latvia from those that were built in the early 18th century. The ruins of the Cēsis Castle are among the most impressive Medieval ruins in the country. The tower of the Turaida Castle offers panoramic view of the ancient Gauja River Valley. About one-half of  the route passes through the Gauja National Park. You will arrive at the place where the oldest crossing of the Baltic rivers exists - the rafts which transport people across the river are still powered by the stream itself. 
Accommodations is organized at baronial estates and castles wherever its possible. Suggested meals are organized at the upper class restaurants or places where traditional Latvian atmosphere and dishes can be tried.

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