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Herbs and tea
Herbs and tea Latvia, Vidzeme, Limbažu novads

Open-Air Exhibition of Latvian Plants and Herbs

Open-air functional exhibition of medicinal plants introduces you to a “green pharmacy”. There are more than 300 different plants. Every healthy lifestyle enthusiast can find the secrets of fitotherapy and learn how to use the plants in many different ways – making sauna besoms, aromatic pillows, healthy teas, bath scrubs etc.
Facilities: excursion through medicinal plant garden and collection, tasting of green cocktails.

Botanical   Beautiful sights   Nature for Health   Distance from countries capital city76   Season5-10   Accepts tourist groups Accepts individual travellers Must register in advance Dry toilet (if there is only the dry toilet)
  Must register in advance!
Tālr. +371 29479172
Limbažu pag., Limbažu nov.
LV-4001, Latvia