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Country house
Country house Latvia, Kurzeme, Jaunpils novads

Country home ROGAS

This biological farm breeds livestock, including sheep, pigs, chickens and cows.  It tends to animals, milks cows, processes milk into cheese, butter, cream and cottage cheese, and offers accommodations.

While visiting the country house "Rogas" it is possible to get acquainted with the old recipes for threshing butter, tying cheese, making cottage cheese. It is a pleasant activity for both children and adults, because there are also tastings at the end.

It offers 4 rooms for longer stays, with a kitchenette and washing machine. There is also a sauna and a banquet hall for celebrations.

For children and teenagers Guests12 (7) Bedrooms4 Season1-12 Pre-order required Accommodation available Accepts individual travellers
  Pre-order required!
+ 371 29199848
Jaunpils pag.,
Jaunpils nov.,
LV-3145, Latvia