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Local Specialities and Beautiful Nature in Latvia and Estonia

Rīga - Garciems - Carnikava - Saulkrasti - Salacgrīva (~110 km)

Seaside Nature Trail Garciems - Carnikava (8 km, 2-3 hours): A wooden walking trail leads through the pine forest, dunes and sandy beach. You can leave your car at Garciems train station and return to it by train after an invigorating seaside walk and the next visit in Carnikava. 

Lamprey Producers in Carnikava - Excursion and tasting of Carnikava lampreys, famous for the original brand recipe. You will find out about lamprey fishing and cooking traditions around the River Gauja. Tasting lamprey in three ways - grilled on coal, lamprey in jelly, and lamprey sushi. 

After the excursion, take a train back to Garciems to pick up your car.

Lunch in Saulkrasti café “Cietais Rieksts”

The Sunset Trail (ca 3.6 km, 1-2 hours) - A scenic trail for a walk in the dunes, which connects the River Inčupe and the River Pēterupe. You can return to Saulkrasti walking on the beach. 

 “Gogelmogels” Home-made Ice-cream - The farm keeps more than 250 chickens and produces home-made ice-cream according to a classic recipe and from natural ingredients. They offer tours of the poultry farm, ice-cream tasting, a story about the history of ice-cream.

Sidrabiņi Pub - This family run pub is hosted in a renovated historical wooden building. Next to the pub there is a meat processing facility where they smoke meats that are on the pub menu. 

Veczemju Cliffs - This is the most impressive and colourful set of cliffs along the Vidzeme coastline. Waves have created the steep shore that is 6 m high, with several hundred metres of red sandstone cliffs with narrow caves, niches, grottos and other formations.

Dinner and Overnight Stay in the Hotel “Kapteiņu Osta” in Salacgrīva