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Wildlife tour
Wildlife tour Individual Latvia, Kurzeme

Short-breaks at Kemeri and Slitere National Parks

Slītere National Park

The geographic placement of the Slītere National Park and the diversity of the environment in this particular place have ensured two wonderful and unique characteristics and values for it. First of all, the park is crossed by the migration routes for birds travelling from the White Sea to the Baltic Sea.
Second, many rare and particularly endangered species of birds can be found in the park itself. Of the 338 species of birds ever registered in Latvia, 261 have been spotted at the SNP. Of these, 66 are uncommon and highly protected in Latvia. 140 are dangered at the European level. Fishing villages and other cultural objects established by the world’s smallest ethnic minority, the Livonians, can be found here.Early birdwatching at Cape Kolka. Cape Kolka is one of the best places for birdwatching when it comes to the diversity of species during the spring migration.
Watching is done here from the beach since there is a wide view to the sea
across the horizont. Species might include Canadian Geese, Spotted Eagle, Pallid Harrier, Crested Lark, Red Kite, Red-footed Falcon, White-fronted Goose and many others.
Birdwaching in Slītere forest. There is a broad-leaf forests, ancient coast of Baltic Ice Lake. Woodpeckers and other forest birds and possibility to see some animals (red deer, beevor, wild boar etc.).

Accomodation and dinner at at Slītere National Park.