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Wildlife tour
Wildlife tour Individual Latvia, Kurzeme

Short-breaks at Kemeri and Slitere National Parks

Ķemeri National Park – Slītere National Park


Whole day birding at Ķemeri National Park. Nearly 260 of the 342 species
of birds that have ever been spotted in Latvia have been seen at the ĶNP.
There are both nesting and migratory birds in the park’s forests, meadows
and waterways. Many species are uncommon and protected. In the autumn and spring, thousands of migrating geese and cranes use the park to rest and spend the night.

Explore Kemeri park, near KNP Forest House, walking Black-Alder wetland
trail where seven woddpecker species are present, continue to Great Bog Trail, damp forest and wetland areas, birdwatching tower at Lake Sloka, lagoon type shalow Lake Kanieris (Ramsar convention’s place) with birdwatching towerand surrounding areas. The area around Ķemeri has long since been known as a source of sulphurous streams, and it remains an important location for obtaining sulphurous water and medicinal mud which at one time served as the foundation of the widely known Ķemeri Spa.

Late departure to Slītere National Park.

Accomodation and dinner at Slītere National Park.

Distance driving 146 km