Beliefs about Summer Solstice Eve

It is said that Summer Solstice Eve is a night of particular magic and power.  Since ancient times, people have believed that they can foresee the future and influence their destiny during the course of this night.

  • On Summer Solstice Eve, unmarried women are expected to weave two crowns of flowers, go to the river at midnight, and toss the crowns into the water.  If they come together, she will soon be married, if not, then she will not soon be married.
  • On Summer Solstice Eve, unmarried people must throw a crown of oak branches into an apple tree.  The number of times that the crown falls to the ground represents the number of years before the person will get married.
  • It is said that at midnight on Summer Solstice Eve, livestock talks about the fate of people.
  • If you want your hair to grow long, then you must pour a few mugs of beer on your hair at midnight on Summer Solstice Eve.
  • Grass grows better where celebrants have crossed meadows on Summer Solstice Eve.
  • On the morning of Summer Solstice Day, cut the stem of a fern at the very foundation.  You will see a letter on the cut part of the stem, and that will be the first letter of the name of your future husband or wife.
  • When beer is brewed for Summer Solstice purposes, strangers must not be allowed to be present for the process, because then the beer will not brew properly.
  • The owner of the farm must be the first to approach the keg of beer.  If someone else does so, then he will be persecuted by problems.
  • On Summer Solstice Eve, people go to pastures to sing songs and eat cheese to bless the livestock.
  • On the morning of Summer Solstice day, girls wash their faces in the dew of wheat plants so that their faces are clean and white.
  • Dew on Summer Solstice Eve is very important.  People who wash themselves in the dew become beautiful.  If the dew falls into your shoes, it will turn into silver and gold.
  • Ferns bloom with brilliant blossoms on Summer Solstice Eve.  If you find one, you will be eternally happy, and all of your wishes will come true.
  • If you find a fern with golden blossoms on Summer Solstice Eve, you can make one wish that will come true.
  • If you want to know everything about the world, then find a fern that blooms at midnight, pick it, use a knife to cut your arm, and put the blossom into the wound, then letting it heal.  Then you will forever know everything that is happening in the world.
  • Around midnight on Summer Solstice Eve, wade through some water.  There will be money in your shoes the next morning.
  • On Summer Solstice Eve, mountain ash branches must be used to decorate fields so that envious people cannot do anything bad to them.
  • Neighbour women must converse one Summer Solstice Eve, because then they will not quarrel during the entire next year.