Green holidays

If you're a fan of a green and healthy lifestyle, nature and the countryside environment, then "Green Holidays" will be just for you! Look for the countryside accommodations, open farms and eating places which have received the "Green Certificate". That means that everything has been carefully considered to make sure that management of the facilities is environment friendly while ensuring comfort and amenities for guests. These buildings are in clean and orderly rural environments, and their owners have tended well to the surrounding landscape. Many of these are traditional family farms, with buildings made of and filled with materials that are natural and do not harm people's health - timber, rocks and bricks, reed roofs, as well as modern materials which reduce the likelihood of allergies. Interior design in these buildings also is based on environmentally friendly paints and other finishing elements. Cleaning and laundry substances are also ones with ecological certification. Smoking is not permitted in any of the facilities. Many of the "Green Certificate" holders offer home-grown and locally grown food to guests, and there are various open-air activities available such as bicycling, hiking and animal watching. Some facilities are appropriate for children, with playgrounds, pets and amenities for families with very small children. Many of the guest houses offer traditional saunas. The hosts can tell you interesting things about their surroundings.

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Garlic production plant and store LATVIJAS KIPLOKS

„Latvijas ķiploks” ir zīmols, kas simbolizē veselīgus, drošus un kvalitatīvus produktus, kurus ražo no Latvijā audzētiem ķiplokiem. Uzņēmumā var ne tikai iegādāties produkciju, bet doties 1 – 2 h garā ekskursijā un dabūt noderīgus padomus. Uzņēmums domā un rīkojas zaļi un aicina to darīt arī citiem.

Distance from countries capital city107 Active season months1-12 This destination has specific opening hours which you must determine in advance Accepts tourist groups Accepts individual travellers

Kiploku pasaule

Saimniecībā audzē senu Latvijas kultūraugu – ķiploku. Klienti var doties ekskursijās un iegādāties šeit audzēto produkciju. Saimnieki arī rūpējas par apkaimes dabas vērtību saglabāšanu.

Izveidota wc cilvēkiem ar ratiņkrēsliem.

Distance from countries capital city32 Active season months1-12 Accepts tourist groups Must register in advance