Groups from schools
School groups visit “Country Goodies” during traditional autumn and spring field trips, as well as educational field trips. They visit farms which offer educational programmes and may be involved with topics related to culture and history that are learned at schools.

Groups from work and interest groups
We recommend attractive farms with tours, tasting and purchase of products, as well as demonstrations of crafts and traditions.

Active travellers
“Country Goodies” can be used for lunch breaks and leisure by bikers, hikers, etc.
Groups seeking exchanges of experiences
The emphasis in the programme is on professional information, but there is no shortage of entertaining elements and/or tastings of products.

Farms with appropriate facilities organise seminars on various topics, including the manufacturing sector of which the relevant farm is part, etc.


Individual visitors:

Families with children
Children love farms where they can look at animals and birds. The animals can be petted and fed, and photographs can be taken with them. Children also feel fine at “Country Goodies” farms, where tasty foods can be tasted, children can engage in activities, and kids can learn new things.

Individual travellers by car
“Country Goodies” farms which grow or manufacture food products usually have ongoing clients who regularly purchase dairy products, meat, vegetables or other products.

Fans of a healthy lifestyle
Saunas, healthy food, the country environment and landscape, and the rural lifestyle – all of these encourage people who wish to spend an unhurried weekend at such locations.