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Гостевой дом
Гостевой дом Латвия, Kurzeme, Engures novads


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Pēteris Tutāns runs a wickerwork workshop, “Kalndaķi,” in a lovely location near Milzukalns hill.  The workshop dates back to the mid-1980s as a family operation.  In 1999, the family turned the workshop into a true business, “Pinumu Pasaule,” which today is one of the largest wickerwork companies in Latvia.  The company is run by wife Lolita, while Pēteris works at his creative workshop, “Kalndaķi.”

Raw materials for the wickerwork include debarked or not debarked osier wicker from trees which grow on the farm.  The whole process from growing the wicker and finishing the product is handled by hand.  Pēteris weaves baskets, kitchen utensils, interior design objects, garden furnishings, toys for children and various souvenirs.  Visit the workshop and see how the wicker is grown. Purchase finished products or take part in a wickerwork master class.

Overnight accommodations are available.