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Challenges in the Kurtna and Ontika landscape reserves: Vasavere – Toila – Saka (EE)

Toila - Saka

Hiking Toila – Saka (21 km, 10-14 h)

Practical info: 

Road surface: Paved road in Toila, a narrow, rocky, challenging seashore for the rest of the distance.

Difficulty: hard

Danger points: Going near the top and bottom part of the North-Estonian klint is dangerous, especially after spring and autumn showers, as it can collapse. The klint has formed several mass slides and mudslides, which together with the vegetation ‒ trees and bushes ‒ make walking difficult.

Good to know! This section is challenging. Although the distance is not that great, plan for the walk to take two to three times longer than usual. During stronger northerly, north-westerly, or north-easterly winds, the narrow shore (beach) may be completely covered with water in places and thus not suitable for walking. In calm weather, it is advised to split the section into a two-day walk with an overnight stay in Valaste. Shoes with fixed ankle and walking poles will help you keep your balance. Keep in mind that there are only a few places where you can climb up or down the 50 m high klint: near the villages of Martsa (a steep slope), Valaste (stairs), Saka (stairs). The stairs are steep. There are no services at the foot of the klint.

Private transfer back to Toila. Drive back to Tallinn or Narva or accommodation in Toila.

Distance walking: 21 km