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Grand hiking tour on the coast of Latvia and Estonia

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This grand hiking tour is provided for experienced hikers wishing to walk along a large part of the coasts of Latvia and Estonia, gain a detailed impression about the diverse coastal landscape, nature, birds and animals of the Baltic Sea. The Baltic Coastal Hiking Route sometimes runs through sandy beaches, sometimes along sections of beach covered in stones and pebbles. Sometimes the trail goes through coastal forests or stops at a fishermen’s village. There are many floodplain meadows, lagoons and shallow bays on the Estonian side, so sometimes the path goes along coastal trails and roads. In the end section of the route you will feel Estonia’s Nordic nature more. Part of the route runs along a sparsely populated seashore where you can be alone with yourself, but you will also be able to visit the most prominent cities. You will visit both capitals: Rīga and Tallinn. Enjoy the hospitality of the resort towns of Jūrmala, Pärnu and Haapsalu. During the hike, you will also get acquainted with the regions of small ethnic cultures: the Livonians in Latvia and the inhabitants of Kihnu in Estonia.

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