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Kas jāzina un kam jāpievērš uzmanība pirms dodies atpūsties “Zaļajās brīvdienās”? Pēc kādiem kritērijiem atpūtas vietas Latvijā izvēlas trīs bērnu mamma un TV personība Dace Grimze? Ko ģimene iegūst, atpūšoties Latvijas laukos, “Zaļā Sertifikāta” saimniecībās?


Materiāls tapis ar Latvijas Vides aizsardzības fonda atbalstu.

The Forest Trail is a part of the European long-distance hiking route E11 in the Baltic States, which leads through the most beautiful forests and national parks. It begins in Lazdijai town near the Lithuanian-Polish border, crosses Lithuania and Latvia, turning into Riga, and ends in Tallinn, Estonia. This is a map of the Forest Trail’s Southern part in Lithuania and Latvia from Lazdijai town near the Lithuanian-Polish border through Kurzeme to Riga. 

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The project “RuralTour: A training programme for sustainable rural tourism” team met on 28th of May for the second meeting. It was planned to be in Bucharest, Rumania coordinated by the Bucharest University of Economic Studies but due to ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and travel restrictions meeting was held via Zoom platform.

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The work on the project "Silver Travellers" will end soon. The project aims to close an existing gap in the provision of modern technology learning in the rural tourism sector facing new market challenges.

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This summer we are inviting travellers to visit locations where important events in the history of Latvia and Estonia occurred from the beginning of World War I and up to the declaration of the two countries' independence in 1918, and then onward to the restoration of their independence in 1990/1991.  More than 300 destinations in Latvia and Estonia relate to military heritage - museums, fortifications, military equipment, trails, bunkers, battle sites, military towns, infrastructure and memorial sites.

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Šodien, 13. maijā, "Lauku ceļotājs" piedalījās Latvijas Republikas vēstniecības Japānā rīkotajā vebinārā tiešsaistē, kur iepazīstināja japāņu tūroperatorus un medijus ar projektu "Lauku dzīvesveids – Pievilcīgu lauku dzīvesveida galamērķu radīšana" un "Lauku dzīvesveida" produktiem Latvijā.

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The Central Asian countries present considerable opportunities to become major tourist destinations due to their unique cultural, historical, archaeological, and natural attractions and heritage. While Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan have strategically utilised tourism to drive economic growth, the sector still faces numerous challenges, including lack of supply chain and logistics facilities, underdeveloped infrastructure and low standard services for tourists. In some countries, visa restrictions and high prices are also considered inhibitory factors for travellers.

The recent development and high potential of the tourism sector in the region provides an opportunity not to miss for setting-up and promoting a sustainable tourism model aimed at supporting growing local economies, respecting communities and protecting cultural and heritage sites from risks of overcrowding and from damage caused by natural disasters.

"Travel destinations that are becoming increasingly popular, such as those in Central Asian countries, offer unprecedented opportunities to become role models of sustainable tourism in the world," said Gian Andrea Garancini, MOST Project Manager.

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A new project “The Rural Tour: A training programme for sustainable rural tourism” has started. The main objective of the project is to contribute to the sustainable rural tourism targets at the European level by developing the skills of business owners, managers, employees, VET students and potential entrepreneurs in the rural tourism sector by an innovative and easily accessible training method. Within the scope of the project, activities will be carried out to develop the capacities of the people who are active or will be active in the rural tourism sector through created e-learning environment.

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The SWITCH-Asia programme's team has created a video about sustainable housing and building. In 2019 the Asia-Pacific region has become majority urban for the first time in the history. With more than 2,3 billion people living in the cities, the need for a sustainable urban future has never been more important. Sustainable housing can improve the quality of life. How homes and buildings are planned and developed have significant impacts on living conditions, social life, resource use and climate mitigation.

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Here you can find 18 hiking tours for one and multiple days (up to 11 days) in Latvia and Estonia, which is part of the Baltic Forest Hiking long distance path (in Latvia – Mežtaka, in Estonia – Metsa matkarada) (E11) – the most interesting, scenic forest areas of both countries, which are renowned for their natural and cultural objects. Several tours include national parks, nature parks, and biosphere reserves, as well as UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Every tour includes a schematic tour map, provides information about the mileage to be covered within a day, level of difficulty, most outstanding sightseeing objects, as well as practical information about the road surface, getting to the starting point and returning from the finish back to the city.

The tours are provided for both individual travellers and small tourist groups. It is recommended to book transport (rent a car or use public transportation), accommodation and meals in advance, as well as arrange personal and luggage transfer if necessary.

The tours may be shortened or extended depending on the wishes of travellers. These hiking tours, or some of them, may also be included in the traditional tourism routes and city excursions to diversify the offer.