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No 113
Self-catering cottage
Self-catering cottage Latvia, Kurzeme, Pāvilostas novads


from 80 EUR / night
Cat 3

This house is 15 km from Liepāja in the centre of Araiķi and approximately one km from the Baltic Sea. There are two well appointed weekend homes (for 7 and 6 people), facilities for celebrations and seminars for 15 to 50 people, a location for picnics, a playground, miniature golf and a sauna. The old granary of the homestead is now a regional research museum that the lady of the house has established to present various exhibits related to fishing and life on the sea.

Agri Heritage   Seminars   By the sea   Guests13 (7)   Bedrooms7 (2)   Distance from countries capital city220   Season5-9   Internet access
Tel: +371 26540345, 63453504
Vērgales pag.
Pāvilostas nov.
LV-3465, Latvia