Country Holidays
No 20625
Food producer Country kitchen
Food producer Latvia, Kurzeme, Kuldīgas novads

Guest house MAZSALIJAS

The guest diner offers mainly countryside goods (fruit, vegetable, dairy products, meat), which have been grown in the local farmers’ gardens. You are offered an excursion around the fallow-deer garden, thematical (seasonal) excursions for children and creative workshops. There are trouts in the farm’s ponds, and various trout recipes (including smoked trout) are offered to guests. The landlord is a winemaker who makes every bottle with great care. Guests can enjoy tastings and stories in the romantic wine cellar.

Distance from countries capital city166   Season1-12   Accommodation available Accepts individual travellers Must register in advance This destination has specific opening hours which you must determine in advance Accepts tourist groups
  Must register in advance!