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Memorial place
Memorial place Latvia, Kurzeme, Rojas novads

The Valdemars alley in Roja

This site has a commemorative stone which speaks to Krišjānis Valdemārs’ achievements in the development of the Latvian state.  This used to be the location of the Roja or Lubezere maritime school, and the home for teachers is still there.  A private medical practice is in the building right now.  The maritime school existed from 1873 to 1915 and was wrecked during World War I.  The school trained helmsmen for short-distance trips.  Tuition was free, and classes were taught in Latvian.  Latvian sailors were known in Russia and abroad, including the Americas.  They were respected for their serious approach to their work, their honesty and their loyalty. (Source: Roja TIC)

Distance from countries capital city120   Season1-12