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Seashore Latvia, Kurzeme, Rojas novads

The rocky seaside of Roja

There are both sandy beaches with a good infrastructure and a rock beach in Roja.  The rocky beach leads to a huge rock that is 2 m high and 12.5 m in diameter.  The coastline is lovely with its scattered stones and its unhurried rhythm of time.  At the place where the Silupīte River flows into the sea there are remnants of ancient wooden boats and iron nails.  In 1939, Roja became the starting point for a closed zone, because the Soviet army and navy were sited there until 1993.  The dunes at Krasta Street feature Soviet heritage, including a large cement wall from which border guards used to monitor the sea and catch those who violated the border.  Behind the dunes was a base for border guards with everything they needed.  Roja housed a Border Guard post and an air defence radio locator. (Source: Roja TIC)

Distance from countries capital city120   Season1-12