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Craftsmen Small farms
Craftsmen Latvia, Vidzeme, Limbažu novads


This is an organic farm, and visitors are invited to join in the fieldwork - gather hay, make sauerkraut, pull weeds, milk a goat, watch the geese, catch some fish and then smoke them in accordance with the farmer’s own recipe. Visitors can also help to bake bread. There’s a sauna where you can inhale the aroma of healthy grasses and drink some medicinal teas.
Local lifestyle   Distance from countries capital city100   Season1-12   Accepts tourist groups Accommodation available Dry toilet (if there is only the dry toilet) No pets allowed Optional meals Must register in advance Accepts individual travellers
  Must register in advance!
Tālr. +371 26408465
Viļķenes pagasts
Limbažu novads
LV-4052, Latvia