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No 20457
Sauna ritual
Sauna ritual Latvia, Zemgale, Vecumnieku novads


Lielzemenes is a traditional homestead in Zemgale region offering to learn about the Latvian traditional lifestyle heritage and the sauna ritual. The hosts are professional sauna masters and have established the Latvian Sauna School where they pass on their knowledge and skills to those willing to master sauna rituals. Based on centuries old sauna practices they have developed a range of efficient sauna procedures. To reach the desired effects, Latvian sauna uses lots of material from trees and herbs such as whisks made of birch, oak, linden, various grasses and wild flowers, herbal brews. The hosts are knowledgeable to apply special sauna procedures for stress relief, general invigoration, strengthening immunity, etc.

Sauna Experience   Distance from countries capital city47   Season1-12