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Active tour Individual Latvia, Lithuania

Latgale – Aukstaitija: visiting open farms in the borderland of EU

12 days

This route includes some of the most authentic experiences that can be found in the regions of blue lakes in eastern Latvia and Lithuania.  No masses of tourists are here, and local residents are sincere and hospitable.  You will find traditional villages, many religious objects and farms that represent agricultural heritage.  You will ride through the Rāzna National Park, which is alongside the lovely Lake Rāzna.  You will visit traditional farms and ancient castles, as well as the Aglona Basilica, which has been a destination for pilgrims for many years.  There is also a bread museum in Aglona.  From there you will ride through Daugavpils, which has an impressive 19th century fortress that includes the Mark Rothko Art Centre.  Along the way you will find potteries where traditional ceramics are offered.  You will learn more about breeding horses and cows, as well as about how traditional cheeses are made and herbal teas are prepared.  Next you will ride through the Aukštaitija National Park that is on the border between Latvia and Lithuania.  You will see ethnographic villages with wooden castles, as well as many lakes.  It is worth visiting the Stripikiai Beekeeping Museum, the local open-air art museum, as well as the European Centre.  To be sure, you will enjoy local Lettigalian beer, as well as zeppelins, which are a traditional dish in Lithuania.

Agri Heritage